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More about Carbontricity

At Carbontricity we incentivise the adoption of green energy by enabling generators of green energy to monetise this energy. It’s about recognising and rewarding generators of clean energy. It’s also about offering buyers of renewable energy certificates unparalleled insight and trusted accreditation that helps them stay ahead of the regulatory curve. And, most importantly, do their bit for the planet.

Many companies have committed to a carbon-neutral future, but this transition to a world where all energy is clean energy is not happening fast enough. The movement is struggling to gain traction without a trusted global system to measure, track, and sell clean energy credits and offsets. What’s more, even verifying whether energy is green or not has become complicated. There are different standards in different countries.

At Carbontricity, we help everyone navigate this opaque world of renewable energy production and certification. We provide a single source of truth to companies that demand honest sustainability. Through Carbontricity, we are accelerating the transition to clean energy.