At Carbontricity, we connect our trusted renewable generators to buyers who rely on radically transparent, hyper-granular, certifications and reporting to support their commitment to our planet.

Why we do it

Carbontricity is the platform that makes it easy to sell honest, clean energy certificates that help businesses achieve their green goals. Because we believe our planet deserves a system that makes sustainability participation easy and honest.

How we do it

Our Carbontricity platform makes this possible. Our platform is a seamless, end-to-end ecosystem backed by industry experts to connect and simplify data provision for certificates from inception to retirement.

Our Ecosystem



At Carbontricity, when we talk about generators we are talking about the generators of clean, renewable energy such as the energy generated through solar installations, wind farms or hydropower plants. These generators produce energy from renewable sources. This clean energy production does not contribute to the emissions of air pollutants that are associated with traditional energy production.

Commitment to green energy monetization.

Real-time energy visibility graph.​

Dynamic team who onboard generators.​

Connecting buyers to trusted renewable energy.​


Certificates are issued by global standards bodies. MRETS (Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System) in America and I-RECS (International Renewable Energy Certificates) in the rest of the world.


Carbontricity offers a seamless, end-to-end platform for generators to record the energy that they generate. This energy can be viewed on the platform in granular detail (15-minute intervals).

Trusted generator data creates our REC’s.​

Global standards and third-party verification.​

Verified, tradeable, time-stamped certificates.​

Renewable energy made easy and honest.​

Verifiers create renewable energy certificates.​

Full visibility and transparency for buyers.​

Transparent, tradeable, time-stamped certificates.

Automated process for sustainability markets.​


Our buyers (brokers) are a key part of our ecosystem. We only deal with trusted, global brokers with access to active buyers who value quality at competitive prices.

Peace of mind for ESG reporting.​

Streamlined process for large orders.​

Partnerships with respected REC brokers.​

Transparent certificates for risk-free reporting.​